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The connection transition between the conveyor and the conveyor

The connection transition between the conveyor and the conveyor

conveyor entry will appear clearance, big goods can be easily to the other end of the device, but small items will be stuck, a lot of people use sheet metal bending to make the transition board, it is also possible, sheet metal is a dynamic system, some items will remain in the sheet metal waiting at the back of the above items in the past, squeezed it is one of the more traditional way of transition.

Ball pad


With bearings in the ball, the conveyor speed is relatively slow, we use the delivery of the export is higher than the link equipment entrance, let the items naturally slide to the equipment what.

Under the condition of fast conveyor speed, the articles will go to the equipment for the next process under the impact of inertia.

Therefore, different products or workpieces adopt different ways of transition, which can make the conveyor smooth in operation.

The two sides are reinforced with shaft rods. If there are any damaged ball bearings, we will screw out the shaft rod with a screwdriver, replace it with a new ball bearing, and fix the shaft rod with screws.



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