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Roller conveyor

  • Automatic roller conveyor
Automatic roller conveyor

Automatic roller conveyor

  • Roller: 304 material
  • Power: customizable
  • custom
  • Body: carbon steel paint/stainless steel
  • Product description: Shanghai ruoran machinery production: linear roller conveyor, turning roller conveyor, lane roller conveyor, roller conveyor for conveying have excellent production and supporting programs, many field



1. Roller conveying line/roller Assembly line/roller conveyor/power roller conveyor/non-power roller conveyor is a heavy load of large material conveying equipment, impact resistance, ultra-quiet, fast speed, can achieve diversion or confluence transport, logistics, packaging, smelting and other heavy load goods industry.

2. Production of Shanghai ruoran machinery co., LTD. : linear roller conveyor, turning roller conveyor, lane roller conveyor and roller conveyor have excellent production and supporting schemes for transportation. There are many cases in many fields.

3. Material classification of the roller: PVC, carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel, and rubber wrapping

4. Body material: carbon steel baking paint, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, profile

5. Assembly method: use single-tooth sprocket drum, double-tooth sprocket drum, synchronous belt drum to drive the sprocket with chain or synchronous belt to make the drum run.

7. Driving mode: reducer drives axle diameter and sprocket or synchronous belt to make the roller run

1. The roller conveyor USES the end tightening module to pull the roller with screws to enlarge the distance between the rollers.

9, the turning Angle of belt conveyor: 45 ° 180 ° (pictured)

10. Drum diameter classification: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm

11. Characteristics of roller conveyor:

The distance between the rollers is easy to filter the impurities, so it can be used in packaging and logistics industry. PLC control system can better cooperate with stacker and packing machine, for the transport of heavy goods reflects the importance of the drum, has been maintained, simple structure. Design and plan roller diameter and fuselage material according to material size and weight. Shanghai ruoran machinery philosophy: stand in the customer's position to consider the problem, do not bring the problem to the site of use.

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