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Belt conveyor for turning

  • 90 degree double belt conveyer
90 degree double belt conveyer

90 degree double belt conveyer

  • Belt: PVC/PU/PE
  • Power: customizable
  • rigin: Shanghai
  • Body: carbon steel /201/304/316/ profile
  • Product description: Turning belt conveyor is mainly in the link of the conveyor line function, according to customer requirements and size and material requirements. If necessary: turn belt conveyor, 90 degree belt conve


Shanghai ruoran machinery production: line belt conveyor, belt conveyor, no inner diameter turning belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, food belt conveyor, belt conveyor, belt belt conveyor, belt baffle, skirt belt conveyor. Belt conveyor for transport has excellent production and supporting programs, many fields have a lot of cases, also give customers in the control of the operation of a good program, has won some praise.

3. Belt material classification: PVC (industrial belt), PU (food-grade belt), PU silicone food-grade belt (non-slip surface with silicone).
4, body material: carbon steel paint, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, profile

5. Belt color classification: green, white, black

6. Assembly: belt connection point buckle butt joint and suture butt joint. (buckle butt is more convenient for belt replacement)

7. Driving mode: reducer drives shaft diameter and roller drives belt rotation.

Belt tightening method: 1. A tail tightening module is adopted for small belt conveyor to tighten the belt by pulling the roller with screws. (as shown in figure)

2. The straight belt conveyor between 5m and 15m adopts three rollers in the middle of the equipment to squeeze and tighten the belt in a triangular way (as shown in the figure)

9. Turning belt conveyor Angle: 45° 180° (and no inner diameter turning conveyor)

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