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Stainless steel chain plate conveyor in the auto parts industry

      Stainless steel chain plate conveyor in the auto parts industry


Chain conveyor is a kind of flexibility is a conveyor line, can be seen in many industries such Transportation equipment, it shows his unique in the field of metal conveyor side, make a lot of users, is not just a stainless steel chain conveyor, transmission capacity, good wear resistance, beautiful appearance, strong load, maintenance maintenance.

Why choose the stainless steel chain plate conveyor:

As the saying goes, every article has its own uniqueness, stainless steel chain plate conveyor in the metal transport industry to show the drips and drenches, CNC lathes between the transmission of processing accessories

Or detection of the workpiece after the pipeline, can be achieved.

S-type stainless steel chain plate conveyor:

S-type chain plate conveyor is sheet metal bending flexible conveying equipment, different requirements we adopt different design philosophy, to meet the level of customer requirements, so that customers can have no worries, we according to the drawings or data provided by customers to tailor a suitable conveying equipment.

If machinery equipment co., LTD., Shanghai is automated conveyor equipment, specializing in the production of flexible, belt conveyor, conveyor, conveyor chain plate, mesh belt conveyor, roller conveyor, screw conveyor, automatic intelligent conveyor, conveyor accessories, such as labeling machine as transportation industry and automation equipment manufacturers, Shanghai if machine has established a solid sales network throughout the country and service system, and gradually form a sign industry and automated conveyor equipment planning, design, manufacture, installation, service, etc. A set of reasonable process.

We provide a good solution for the customer automated delivery system, free design, tailored, so that customers have no worries.

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