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Stainless steel chain plate conveyor how to use profile do fuselage

Chain scraper conveyor is a kind of conventional Transportation equipment, many companies use this transfer equipment to send articles or artifact, the chain material is the same as the mostly used, there is the difference between the fuselage, simple and convenient many enterprises in the future, the fuselage are: carbon steel sheet metal or 304 stainless steel sheet metal bending of the lacquer that bake, are more traditional body requirements, with the passage of time, there are now a part of the conveyor manufacturers use the profile for the fuselage, strange, profiles are standard on how to make the metal chain plate conveyor?

We also tried a few times, found that the profile of the fuselage is desirable, profile is also a standard size.

The chain plate also has standard sizes: 63MM, 82.6mm, 114.3mm, 152.4mm, 190.5mm, etc. (including the size of the metal chain plate)

Here the linear segment of the chain plate conveyor requirements are not high, but the chain plate conveyor turn to pay attention to the corner of the place, the bend only do point, can turn over, plastic in the corner error. The elbow won't turn if the same spacing is used.

Profile as the body to reduce the overall weight, profile will not rust, so many users still prefer profile as the body of the conveying equipment.



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